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Phone hacking on United Kingdom Members of Parliaments and on Royals October 4, 2010

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This past month the United Kingdom is in the midst of a scandal involving the local newspapers and the Members of Parliament in the country. Apparently several overzealous journalists authorized the hacking of the phones and voicemails of Members of Parliaments and of several Royals to collect ‘dirt’ on them. This has caused quite a stir which has been exasperated as the current ‘Media Director’ of the Prime Minister’s office supposedly authorized or knew about these hackings while he was working for these newspapers. Here is the link that talks about this scandal.

This has tremendous security implications. Suppose that they were not listening or looking for ‘dirt’ but listening to sensitive information related to National Security for the United Kingdom and their allies. This was carried out by a bunch of journalists who are amateurs in this ‘hacking’ environment. Supposed this was carried out more sophisticated elements of any government or any industrial espionage ring or even criminal or terrorist elements. Imagine the implications of this. All of this occurred because the phone and voicemail edi the Unified Communications and Collaborations were not secured properly.

That’s why it is so vital to comprehensively secure these Voice and Video environments – Unified Communications & Collaborations application and networks MUST be secure!!


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